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cp_overflow_72hr A2

Just a normal 5cp map. There's no moving water, I swear.

This is actually my first ever jam entry, and technically my first TF2 map to be released and shown off to the forums in full. I'm honestly surprised I even made it this far. I'm definitely gonna try cleaning up the geometry/visuals more.


Be aware that currently you can't get onto the last point as a non-jumping class. I tried to fix this but time constraints meant I had to let it go. My hope is that most people pick jumping classes anyways.


Now, I know water is incredibly unpopular (especially moving water) but I thought it was really funny to what seems like a normal map, and that the concept was a good enough idea to push me to finish it without worrying about how it stacks up to more veteran maps/mappers. At the moment I decided to leave a lot of the roofs open just cause it'd be sillier that way, it fits with the dev textures I think.



A Boojum Snark's mapping essentials pack which allowed me to use the 5cp logic.

Xi.Cynx for decompiling all the Valve maps which let me take props and lighting from Hydro and Powerhouse. https://tf2maps.net/threads/valve-maps-decompiled.5952/

I'd like to thank AmpYeen for confirming that nothing was broken, as well as my stream followers (and my girlfriend) for cheering me on during my first Jam. Thanks to UEAKCrash and 3kliksphillip for some much-needed video tutorials on cubemaps and spawnroom logic.
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