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- Added env_cubemaps around the map
- Added bear thing in spawn
- Changed 'map made by...' text
- Fixed exploits related to nobuild areas
- Fixed exploit to do with spawn doors and sentry guns
- Made the skybox quite a lot taller
- Other minor changes
B1 changes
Adjusted prop positions
- Added more props
- Added Control points
- Modified water pools
- Raised skybox
- Made L shaped buildings bigger on the inside

B2 changes
Fixed goofy window
- Fixed respawnroom visualizers for underground
- Added vehicle props to underground tunnels
- Added custom dev textures with brighter & more colours
- Added water pools outside spawns
- Added more ammo to top of tower
- Fixed all texture inconsistencies
- Added 3 new underground rooms
- Minor fixes & adjustments
- The spawn battlements are shorter so less fall damage is taken
- The tower is shorter to reduce fall damage taken, particularly when moving down from one layer's walkway to another
- Some small health and ammo packs added, and another medium health pack added to the water area
- 7 entraces to the underground added (One from the water, two from the spawns, team towers and orange ramps), the underground should be added in A5
- Other minor brush adjustments
- Players can not build sentries and teleporters in some areas near the enemy spawn
- Fixed a building related exploit
- Darker lighting with larger spread
- Corrected some textures on the red/blu towers
- The small health pack areas in the water are a little taller so that the player can enter them even when looking downwards
- Many world brushes are now func_detail
- About 8 func_detail brushes are now world brushes because this somehow fixes their odd lighting (they were all slopes, all but one were on the blue side)
There are still 3 slopes with darker than normal lighting but they are not too noticable