cp_orange_bear B4

A refreshingly new on-grid orange map

  1. HOI
    The layout of my map is heavily inspired by that of cp_orange_z7, but everything has been made from scratch. Many significant changes have also been made, such as an additional floor on the centre tower and different layouts for the spawns. The large glassy areas to the sides of the towers are now steep enough for surfing, and many small health and ammo packs have been added to support a greater number of players.

    There aren't actually any control points at the moment as it is currently intended for just casual DM. In later versions this may change. I am also considering a tunnels system that connects both spawns and the red and blue towers, all of which are in opposite corners of the map.

    Version A1: (22/07/2016)
    My first release! It's been only 2 and a half days since I started from a blank file, so don't be too harsh on me :3

    Version A2: (23/07/2016)
    The small health pack areas in the water are a little taller so that the player can enter them even when looking downwards
    - Many world brushes are now func_detail
    - About 8 func_detail brushes are now world brushes because this somehow fixes their odd lighting (they were all slopes, all but one were on the blue side)
    There are still 3 slopes with darker than normal lighting but they are not too noticable

    Version A3: (31/07/2016)
    Players can not build sentries and teleporters in some areas near the enemy spawn
    - Fixed a building related exploit
    - Darker lighting with larger spread
    - Corrected some textures on the red/blu towers

    Version A4: (17/08/2017)
    The spawn battlements are shorter so less fall damage is taken
    - The tower is shorter to reduce fall damage taken, particularly when moving down from one layer's walkway to another
    - Some small health and ammo packs added, and another medium health pack added to the water area
    - 7 entraces to the underground added (One from the water, two from the spawns, team towers and orange ramps). The underground should be added in the next version
    - Other minor brush adjustments

    Version A5: (18/08/2017)
    Added underground

    Version A6: (18/08/2017)
    Fixed water bug

    Version A7: (19/08/2017)
    Added 3 new underground rooms
    - Minor fixes & adjustments

    Version A8: (31/08/2017)
    Added vehicle props to underground tunnels

    Version A9: (16/09/2017)
    Added custom dev textures with brighter & more colours
    - Added water pools outside spawns
    - Added more ammo to top of tower
    - Fixed all texture inconsistencies

    Version B1: (15/10/2017)
    Adjusted prop positions
    - Added more props
    - Added Control points
    - Modified water pools
    - Raised skybox
    - Made L shaped buildings bigger on the inside

    Version B2: (15/10/2017)
    Fixed goofy window
    - Fixed respawnroom visualizers for underground

    Version B3: (22/11/2017)
    Fixed exploit to do with spawn doors and sentry guns
    - Made the skybox quite a lot taller
    - Other minor changes

    Version B4: (28/01/2018)
    Added env_cubemaps around the map
    - Added bear thing in spawn
    - Changed 'map made by...' text
    - Fixed exploits related to nobuild areas


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