cp_oceanlab1971 a6

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  • Attacker's forward spawns have been disabled.
  • Platform near attacker's first has been changed into an attacker's route.
  • Left side for attacker's first area has become the valley, right side has been raised up.
  • 2nd staircase has been added to attacker's first area.
  • Right flank to the first control point no longer leads to middle-ground, it now leads to lower-ground and has that singular route.
  • Right side recieved a VERY basic pass.
  • Defender's side of first control point has been changed in many ways:
    • There are now two doors when going toward the first control point.
    • The staircase to the upper area is now against the back wall.
    • Minor props have been added to break up dev textures.
  • Lighting tweaks on attacker's first
  • Defender's spawnpoints are a bit varied, they point to several exits instead of one.
  • Attacker's first spawn now looks like the submarine it was meant to resemble. Looking into the skybox, one can see the body of said submarine.
  • Minor propwork laid down on attacker's first area.
  • Brushwork changed up slightly on attacker's first, again has been made a smaller playspace.
  • Attacker's first left divider can be jumped up onto by all classes, the props that allow this are on the defender's side.
  • Attacker's first coninues to get art-passed
  • Attacker's first lower right doorway is closed, it is now a small inlet for defenders to build into (has 2 med-ammo, 1 med-health)
    • In place of that doorway, a hall on the lower right sits across where it used to be. this hall can take attackers directly to last (going around a divider) or directly to the first capture point (behind a door that can be freely opened).
  • Attacker's first capture point has had the ramps changed. A ramp from upper balcony to the middle ground has been moved to the left. The ramp that was on the left is now on the right.
  • Attacker's first capture point balcony has a dropdown to the right, dropping very close to the inlet with 3 pickups.
Attacker's left side on last gained a staircase where it was previously a dropdown.
Attacker's upstairs right side lost the minipacks close to balcony. In place of it, there are medium packs further to the right side.
Attacker's forward spawns are now re-enterable.
Lobby in front of attacker's first spawns got subtly shorter. it retains the same width across, however.
Attacker's first spawn is now virtually sticky-proof.
Both first and second point capture times have been reduced. Solid pushes from attackers should give them wins on last now compared to previously.
Defenders have longer spawn times on last.
Setup time is slightly longer.
Much lower chance to spawn in the further back forward spawn.
Attacker's first area received a VERY rough first-pass. It looks a bit like:20160807124415_1.jpg 20160807124447_1.jpg