Multi Stage cp_nuzzles s3_a1

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Stage 3
Not much else to say here.
*Edits to blu spawn

* Redid Blu spawn, routing should be more direct
* Moved Resupply cabinets up in Red spawn to be closer to the door
+ Replaced Misc textures
+ Added some direction arrow overlays in a futile attempt to better direct players to the Control Points
Change log

* Massive layout changes to CP A, Map should now feel less cramped
* Changed RED spawn so players spawn further back and have to travel more to get to the resupply
* Lowered entirety of stage 2 so the pit on stage 1 is deeper, making it clearer its a death pit
+ Enlarged BLU spawn so it doesn't feel as tiny, subsequently also enlarged the area outside of BLU spawn
+ Added Patches beneath most health and ammo packs
+ Made A portion of stage 1 visible from stage 2. (Internal changing of visgroups, area already existed up there)
The first version of stage 2 of cp nuzzles!

Entirely indoors/caves!
That's about it tbh, give me feedback.
Geometry and layout changes.
-Removed one way door and widened path.
+Raised low ground at one way door so players no longer can fall onto a lower level.
+Added Side room at B to give RED access large health kit and scaffolding.
Improved lighting and visibility.
Adjusted geometry to improve game flow.
Added Navigation signs.
Fixed Props not having collisions when they should.
Re-textured area near B to look less like Interior of Spawn.