cp_not_mvm_fools a1

An april fools map that isn't MVM.

  1. Smg065
    hello it is I the very cool SMG065 and i'm her to show off my new map not mvm
    this is spawn and the way map is that is yoyu need to stop blu team from putting the 'bomb' in the 'hatch' but you need look out because the tank is also there and if it gets to hatch yoo also loose.

    This map really good not lye if you want donate robux to my fortnite account pls do so mom stops saying this is waist of tim.

    Unlce is work at valve so do not fear because he willget you team cpatain pinkie promise. thank you for reading happy thanksgivin


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  1. G.bo
    Version: a1
    dud3, dis es epicc