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A5 update - Completely rebuilt the connect between B and C to create a smoother and more understandable flow for both teams:

Alpha 5.0 Changes

  • Added a connecting tunnel from the main room of C to a new room just outside of B
  • Added connecting room between B and C which replaced the Upper/Mid rooms after B
  • Increased B's area of conflict
  • Removed the awkward ramp that went to a lower level of C
  • Moved all of C up at least one floor so there isn't as much of a height difference from B to C
  • Blocked off that little room just outside of BLU spawn
  • Rebuilt C point and gave cappers / defenders a bit of cover when inside of it.
  • Added a bunch new pickups around certain area of C
  • Clipped a bunch of stuff
  • Added a door in BLU spawn to prevent taking too much damage from snipers
  • Added more signage
  • Fixed RED being able to enter BLU spawn
  • Fixed all visualisers
  • Neatened up the stairs in RED spawn
Known Issues
  • in alpha 6 i'm going to potentially rebuild the lower path to A. I wanted to do it for this update but felt a little burnt out (would also like to playtest it a little more)


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A4 update - Completely rebuilt A along with the "pre A section for BLU" and updated a bunch of minor changes based on feedback

Alpha 4.0 Changes

  • BLU spawn rebuilt to include setup area
  • Pre A point area built, BLU should take longer getting to the point and should have a harder time reaching it
  • A point made larger - raised roof and rebuilt surrounding geometry so as to feel less cramped
  • Moved RED forward spawn around the corner giving RED longer to A and fixing a horrid sightline
  • Added ramps out of the pit at B
  • Opened up area after tunnel to guide players from A to B easier
  • Setup displacements around A
  • Red Team Back spawns now face direction they need to head
  • Increase all cap times by 12 seconds (up from 5 seconds)
  • Capping points now grants 3 minutes extra (up from 1:30 minutes)
  • Added a bunch new pickups around certain area of A
  • Added Forward spawn for BLU at B that becomes active for Point C
  • Clipped door frames
  • Oranges Crates that were causing issues have been replaced with clipped Barrels
  • Added more signage
  • Added more lighting
  • Changed skybox (currently placeholder)
  • Gave the Env_lighting a green/blue tint to give appearance of underwater
Known Issues
  • C still lacks something of a "front line" for defenders. Will look into rebuilding bits of C when i have more feedback from playtests
  • Skybox is wrong - it's currently a placeholder for the custom one i would like to add
  • Parts of the map are still a little dark
  • Still getting console errors regarding the forward spawn (they still work however)
  • Respawn times haven't been changed despite feedback - want to test out the new capping time first