cp_mist assets v1a

the custom assets made for cp_mist (models/textures)

  1. hutty
    Most all the custom assets created for cp_mist, not all of them are used in cp_mist or really polished for use in other maps, but they are available as is for your use. Give me credit if you do.

    - blue and red tinted versions of the mercpark cement
    - the red-painted brick wall material (from powerhouse I think), but brown this time
    - the standard rock-wall texture but in a different color
    - the mercpark terrain but with orangeish sand to better represent the color of dirt in many areas of south america
    - grass that blends to wetter grass (darker, more saturation)
    - the standard grate but without explosions going through it
    - darker version of the green glass
    - some square metal panels
    - the brown moonebase metal wall but blue this time
    - the mercpark heavy metal wall but brightened and with better tileing

    - the mist skybox, lighting settings also included
    - a purple paint patch
    - a label for the intake
    - a bunch of beta signs and cartcrawlers sprites

    - Several window frames, the edges arn't clean, but look fine when mounted in a brush frame
    - That wobbly wall I was showing off in wip but didn't end up using
    - the big fan, and its case, and its tube
    - an even bigger fan intended for mid, cut because it brought too much attention to an area outside the gameplay space, and its kinda dumb
    - the vines from mercpark but rigged up to look like they are blowing in the wind, also in skybox form (mist uses the skybox one)
    - the skybox models, lighting is baked into them, probably not that usefull
    - a grate for the skybox before it was merged with the main skybox model
    - that silo thing
    - some wires, comp players usually have wires turned off so I had to model them so the map wouldn't have floating lightbulbs
    - some roof air ducts
    - supports that line up with the plastic wall texture girders
    - packaging for everyones favorite baby box fan
    - some metal barriers
    - garden carts, 5 different skins!
    - a small airtube
    - some big bendy pipes
    - the greenhouse model, also included with the associated brushes
    - intake and baby intake with their blades as separate models, included setup with func_rotates at various angles.
    - the vent section model from mist, its horrible, the brushwork is horrible, I've isolated it to sector of shame along with the cartcrawlers sprites


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