cp_miningco B4_fix

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An update of stuff i should've done in the beta 3 version.


- A bunch of detailing
- Improved optimization, alittle bit
- More clipping
- Adjusted the cap times
- *fixed the shutter doors
Overall changes

- Alot of optimization
- Made it easier to tell which doors open and which don't
- Made the outside lighting a bit more warmer
- Added a 3dskybox
- Changed the ground texture of the outside area
- Added a bunch more clipping for some annoying spots

Last / Bases

- Added a small platform
- Changed the wall textures of last
- Changed the light tone for the spot lights
- Removed the shutter door that was connected to concrete (flank) in storage

- Added a bit more height variation on lobby
- Changed water texture

Second / Flanks / Choke

- Adjusted cap times
- Adjusted connector
- Made concrete smaller (in response to the door being gone)
- Removed the tiny door that was only there for details
- Replaced a prop with a wall instead


- Adjusted cap time
- Flipped the forward spawn, now it points the players to where they are supposed to go
Just repacked
Last / Bases

- Removed the big slope and replaced it with a smaller one
- Added a platform from water/pipes into last (left flank)
- Moved lobby's stairs
- Added a window on the wall inside lobby
- decreased the width of storage and fixed the ceiling's height (right flank)
- Some extra detailing

Second / Entry points / Flanks

- Added a new entry point
- Optimized the entry points, mostly from second point
- Added a roof on top of cage
- Moved the medium health kit to middle's covers, along with a medium ammo pack

- Replaced full ammo pack with a small one
- Moar detailing and props
- Changed textures and increased brightness inside coffee room's room


- Added more cover, all of them to destroy nasty sightlines
- Made middle's stone look less thin

(Might start working on the 3d skybox for the next version)
Overall changes

- Added alot more details
- Increased brightness of everything, again.
- Increased skybox size, this only affects second point.
- More props for visuals and cover.
- Replaced/Removed a few custom props for file size.

Last point / Base(s)

- Moved the last point upwards.
- Removed main shutter door (it's memories still stays in lobby)
- Added a wall from storage wall to the spiral in lobby.
- Increased the size of the entry door to water (Left flank)
- Forgot to put light props inside the spawns. :^(
- "Fixed" the spawn doors.

Second point / Flanks / Chokes

- Made concrete just alittle bit smaller.
- Added a wall inside cage (That house beside second point)
- Fixed the rebars on choke, now everything can shoot trough it.
- Decreased the width of the stairs around the flanks.
- Covered up the hole in cage close to the point.


- Just visualy changed.
Last/both bases

- Removed some crates and moved the wall alittle bit inwards
- Removed lobby window and added a wall where the platform was
- Changed the light-tone around lobby, pipes and last
- Added more props
- Increased brightness of spot lights
- Increased the size of storage door from lobby
- Changed and applied textures
- Changed the soundscape

Second point

- Moar textures
- Removed the truck between the rock and the point
- Moved the covers around choke
- Changed the light-tone of the sun
- Added a big sign for the bases :^)

Concrete/flank + Middle

- Added forklift
- Added "Coffee room"
- Changed light-tone
- Added more lights, aswell as increased brightness
- Detailed forward spawn
- Added more textures
- Added some milk crates so non-jumping classes can jump up to the hut (Non-jumping classes still can't get up to the containers)

Beta 1 For Next Update
Last Point Area

- Moved left flank's door and added space for the door
- Added more cover, removed some of the pointless covers that didn't help much >:^(

- Increased the size of storage's shutter door (right flank)
- Killed a nasty sightline from right spawn door to left flank

Flanks + Connectors

- Increased brightness at storage
- Replaced textures and added overlays to the wall
- Opened the right door of concrete and added props to not confuse players for mistaking it as a door that opens

Outside + Second

- Removed the ceiling between choke and second
- Decreased the height between second and choke
- Added concrete walls as cover instead of wodden supports

- Redesigned the point itself, there's now slopes going up to it on both sides with extra cover

- Killed certain sightlines

- Added a bunch more props, replaced the rocks with a tree, a concrete wall and a better rock model

- Increased the brightness of the light_env from 350 to 500
- Added Env_sun entity, there's now a sun in the skybox :^)
- Replaced the table saw with bricks + a tarpet on the top


- Opened up the ceiling at the very middle of it
- Put up the height of the containers just alittle
- Killed a veeery nasty sightline from choke to middle
- Moved the huts alittle bit
- Increased the brightness of middle
- Added wooden support for middle
- Removed the lights hanging from the ceiling


- Increased the ceiling of middle and second
- Added some more playerclips
- Added soundscapes around the map
- Added more textures
- Increased the brightness of certain light_spots

Planning on moving to beta version for next version, or after A5.
- Added some more textures, mostly around last

- Added more props around (special thanks to the construction pack and those who made it)

- Lowered mid containers, possibly to counter soldiers easier

- Increased brightness of spot_lights on the map

- Increased capture time on second point by 1 second (to possibly make it easier to counter backcaps)

- Moved second point a bit futher towards it's middle

- Added more cover between choke and second

- Reworked the right side of last, added a shutter door and window at right flank/storage

- Scaled down the left flank/Pipes/Water

- Added some overlays here and there

- Lowered the middle point's length just alittle

(For those that didn't know, middle is supposed to be soldier dominant)
- Changed the map's theme (Mining side/Cavern)

- Redesigned middle

- "Redesigned" Flank

- Increased middle point's size

- Changed a small platform around "lobby"

- Changed it's name from "StorageGrounds" to "miningco"

- Added some more lights at certant places

Last point reminds unchanged for now.


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