cp_mcmurdo a3

A non A/D 2cp map

  1. cp_mcmurdo

    Update a2: Electric Boogaloo

    Changes include:

    -Clipped some stairs i missed
    -got told to clip using blockbullets (so i did)
    -added railings
    -changes op attacking balcony to neutral balcony (equally accessable by either team)
    -fiddled with pickups
    -added sneaky trick jump to get to neutral balcony
    -added window in cylinder room over cap room
    -changed room off point to go up to attacking balcony
    -added sign on big crate stack so demomen can charge up it
    -moved connector crate stack under balcony
    -logic bugfixing (ALOT)
    -made it so when capping the timer stops (to aviod annoying switching when about to cap)
    -quite possibly more
    -changed 2 side connector rooms (slightly)
    -added (broken) tape around point to signify cap area

    Things to do:
    -Adjust respawn times and make it so defending team has longer respawn time
    -more bugfixing probably
    -fix tape around point

    cp_mcmurdo_a20001.jpg cp_mcmurdo_a20002.jpg cp_mcmurdo_a20003.jpg cp_mcmurdo_a20004.jpg cp_mcmurdo_a20005.jpg


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    4. cp_mcmurdo_a20000.jpg
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