72hr cp_mackerel a2

Now with 50% less detail!

  1. Joel
    My entry for the Winter 2017 72hr TF2Jam!
    This map is a remake of port mackerel from Splatoon with a few adjustments due to size differences.
    -An annoying chokepoint that is almost the minimal size required for any class to fit through.
    -Literally just 5cp but only both B points.
    -No squid kids
    Resources Used
    - 128x128x256 shipping container https://tf2maps.net/downloads/128x128x256-shipping-container.251/
    - Ultimate mapping resource pack
    - Probably some other things that I accidentally packed for no reason or I forgot about
    20170213202912_1.jpg 20170213203050_1.jpg 20170213203105_1.jpg 20170213203117_1.jpg 20170213203137_1.jpg

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