cp_logjam rc12f

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Now we've got the latest version here. See tf.tv thread for changes.
-fixed a hole in the floor on mid
-fixed a hole in the mid bridge ceiling
-removed an extra set of lights above logroom's exit on mid
-raised the little roof over the upper lobby exit to make it less obvious you can't stand on it
-made it so you can't stand on the roof lips of the tall buildings on mid
-fixed a broken displacement you could stand on at red 2nd
-adjusted displacement ground in front of spire
-playerclipped literally all of choke to hopefully eliminate a weird glitch
rc10pre2 -> rc10

larger changes:
-raised DA ROOF in upper lobby exit
-made ramps up to the window in upper lobby exit rather than boxes
-removed detail balcony on the side of mid
-made choke flat ramps instead of the displacements for the sake of consistent jumps - note the planks at the transitions are not solid to players or explosives / splash
-changed the ramps up from 2nd to mid in logroom to be much more streamlined / easy to back out / push
-adjusted the weird corner of mid to try and be smoother and more useful
-adjusted the displacement outside of cave on 2nd to remove the weird dish
-adjusted the location of the HP/ammo in logroom

smaller changes:
-added another light in cave to help the lighting on the props
-closed a number of holes in cave's displacements
-increased the length / height of a retaining wall in cave to remove a dumb spot you can stand on the wall that just wouldn't go away
-added back a missing clip brush on the red side of mid
-fixed a weird 0.2 HU overlap on blue cave that made you be able to stand on a building high up
-fixed a weird 0.2 HU overlap on red cave lower in cave that let you stand above by the light
-removed an awning on mid to easier facilitate high bombs / smooth out playing space
-added paint patches back underneath the ammo at mid
-made windows on mid non-solid
-fixed a broken clipbrush at choke
-raised the sniper fence outside of forwards on 2nd to prevent snipers shooting into choke
-added a bit more trim pieces outside of 2nd forward spawn
-added some missing clipping in cave
-fixed missing displacements and a gap in displacements at the actual logjam on 2nd
-fixed some broken clipping at the logroom exit on mid
-fixed some incorrectly aligned textures on blue's upper lobby exit
-made it so you can't hit your head on the roof above window
-added some block bullets brushes outside of logroom's entrance on 2nd
-added a block bullets brush over the cutest little gap inside of logroom
-fixed yet another spot in cave that you could stand on by the arch itself
-made a displacement slightly thinner in cave so you can't stand on it next to the lights
-adjusted a clip brush in saw so that it was flush to the top of a door
-adjusted the clipping around 2nd forward spawn door
-made some beams in logroom's exit on mid non-solid
-changed blue last roof texture (more detail on out-of-bounds areas to happen during season)
-fixed a red sign on blue last
-fixed a gap in the map above lobby's upper exit
-fixed a texture on the corner of mid
-fixed a missing clip brush at red 2nd
-disabled shadows on the long fence at right side of 2nd to try and fix lighting issues
-fixed lights clipping into walls on the floor at last
-fixed the clipping not being flush to the door at saw on 2nd side
-fixed a hole in the map and some strane lighting at 2nd by cave
-adjusted the "pinch" in the displacements at cave to make it a bit smoother and look better
-sewed a gap in the displacements by red choke
-moved a door outside of cave's playable area
-made it so you can't hit your head on the beams above upper lobby
-attempted to fix the light leaking thru train tunnel again
-blockbulleted the grating in last so you can't splash through it
-fixed a displacement clipping through the fence at 2nd
-fixed some weird rendering issues thru skylight
-painted rooves on 2nd to match color scheme
-added a little more light outside right last at lobby
-added more lighting in saw
-unclipped the floor lights at last
-made the displacements on mid by the sheds a little bit tidier
-fixed clip brushes on the main lobby exit
-fixed lighting on the saw and lumber piles in saw
-adjusted a weird beam on forward spawn in mid
-added some lights to emphasize choke, upper exit of lobby at 2nd
smoothing out a ton of crap. like, a ton, of crap.
made the mid cap trigger square, replaced sheds with rocks (lol)
changed mid's cap area so people with CFG's can still see the edge
added a fence, hoodoo, platform on mid, removed the hut
marked spire's capzone as well
fixed clipping above choke on 2nd
fixed broken displacements on red side above choke @2nd
made the upper / lower lobby connector doorframes a bit smaller added block bullets to them
fixed a bad displacement under spire at 2nd that caused a bit spire to be floating
fixed displacements in cave that had holes in them
-moved the HP from left mid to be right by the ammo
-reverted logroom's upper exit to RC7 (flatter)
-moved small ammo off of the arch on mid and moved it closer to the huts
-adjusted the concrete blocks on mid to make it a bit more open and easier to move up to them
-made a fence in cave continue a bit for splash bug purposes
-removed some useless props in cave
-did a little clip fix on mid
-cleaned up some props in logroom
-adjusted the fence by logroom on 2nd to prevent splashbug
-adjusted clipping to fix an exploit in cave
-fixed clipping on a hut on 2nd
-fixed bumping your head on a roof by logroom
-fixed a roof you could stand on cave
-fixed a clipping on a hut on 2nd
-made a part of spire opaque
-adjusted clip on the roof of saw
-not some windows in saw not solid
-adjusted a big beam by spawn to fix some splash bug
-changed the way the pipes on the back side of last connect to ground to fix splash bug
-removed some pointless crates on last
-removed some of the crate stairs in upper left lobby, adjusted the propsand added a fence for better splash
-adjusted the geometry of secret to be smoother
-simplified / smoothed geometry by choke to aid high bombs
-adjusted the location of the HP/ammo in logroom
-removeda ledge above window
-smoothed out the path out of window
-clipped the vents above lobby
-blocked off the cubby in saw
-slightly raised underneath point and raised it's roof at mid
-fixed more shitty clipping in cave
-adjusted the angle of the roof on the houses on mid
-added blockbullets to the logramp on mid
-fixed some holes in the displacements in cave
-fixed some shitty geometry by the logs on mid
Trying something with mid, for the 100000th time
cp_logjam ->rc8
-adjusted the doorway at the building on cave and adjusted the geometry in the building itself to make it easier to clear when pushing out of 2nd
-fixed being able to stand on a roof above cave's building exit
-drastically raised the height of the bridge at choke. Need to keep it to prevent ridiculously high bombs azzwzwaznd for optimization sake, but this should allow better high bombs through choke
-adjusted the location of the sheds on mid
-raised the level of one of the exits of logroom on mid to help flank players pushing into mid
-increased 2nd point cap time from "6 seconds" to "7.5 seconds"
-raised the roof! at left side pushing into last, made the door into last larger
-blocked off the cubby in saw
-got rid of a few useless props in lobby
-adjusted the sightline and width of the door pushing into right side of last
-added a window above shutter at last

screens here: https://imgur.com/a/hctZ3Hw
Wanted to clean logjam up a bit for it's official rc7 release. Still have a couple minor issues on my list but pretty happy with it at this point.

fixed the catwalk around last point not lining up with itself
added trim at the big block on the right side of last
added more trim in the upper left exit of last
added mashed potatoe.
added actual light props to the upper left exit of last
added more trim in lobby
fixed dark logs in logroom
detailed logroom a bit more
added trim on the concrete block at mid
detailed the shed a bit more on 2nd
added trim at the ramp on 2nd
made the pillars at choke flush to the walls
fixed some textures on wood trim at 2nd
deleted the logs that didn't fit in with the theme at 2nd
added the trees back