cp_krimfort a2

A fan made map for the greatest tf2 youtuber, krimsxn

  1. CrippledDonut!
    I made this map for the almighty youtube god krimsxn. This map is not meant to be good. It's really dumb and cancerous, but I do gaurentee it to be really fun!

    I hope that any attention this map gets will help grow krimsxn's channel as he is my favorite tf2 youtuber.

    This map is a very poorly done 5cp version of 2fort and is krimsxn themed

    Changes I made to 2fort:
    -The map is very pink
    - Changed a lot of the health and ammo placement on 2fort so It could fit a 5cp version of the map
    - Removed the water beneath the bridge because I wanted to
    - Removed the flags
    - Added a control point on the bridge, in the courtyards and in the intel rooms
    - Removed the stairs leading from the courtyard into the basement
    - Every time you or the enemmy caps a point everyone within a certain radius will be stunned and covered in mad milk for a short amount of time
    (about 3 seconds)
    - Removed the resupply rooms in the basements of each team and replaced it with a health and ammo pack that anyone can access
    - Added two more bridges around the middle bridge
    - Added a pit into the void that you can only escape by killing yourself

    Let me know what you think I should add or change. I'm looking for really goofy suggestions for what you think I should put in the map whether it be trains or explosives. Don't bother asking me about any visual glitches with my map because I could care less about if my map looks pretty (unless it's some kind of bug that gives the enemy an advantage like seeing through walls and stuff like that)

    Special thanks to krimsxn for being an awesome tf2uber. Keep making vids dude cp_krimfort_v10007.jpg cp_krimfort_v10002.jpg


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