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This Hallow's Eve, Gorge disguises itself as Gravelpit!

  1. Tiftid
    A Gravelpit-type map.
    The biggest problem with Gravelpit historically is that RED abandons A since it's easier to defend B, since BLU has to take B anyway.
    And historically there has also been a solution to this - to make it so that BLU can go ahead and take C after either A or B is capped. Thereafter, BLU can cap the other point that's not C to gain an advantage in attacking C.

    I decided to not do this; in this map, when BLU caps A or B, they also get the other point for free, and the connectors between that point and C (as well as the connector between A and B) become teleporters that take players to their spawn.
    BLU also gets a forward spawn on the point they captured.

    Hopefully, this makes it easier for RED to get to C after BLU gets a capture, and removes any illusion of RED needing to defend the point they're on after the other one is capped.
    Hopefully, it should also encourage RED to rotate between A and B instead of staying where they are and hoping that their respawning teammates can stop C from getting capped.

    That's not too different to the typical gravel-type, huh.
    I guess that makes this the lamest, safest, least interesting map I've ever made.
    But then, we've all seen in Roofrack what happens when you just throw all your weird ideas into one map and hope people like them.


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