cp_icecap B3 fix

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this is just a quick fix for B3
There are just some textures but...
added props to red spawn and changed it a bit.
added a flank behind point C
removed some props on point B for being to op in my eyes for engineers and heavys

and thanks all that I know of and if you were the people who had errors around the map I recommend downloading the end of the line prop pack.
things that are added:
lots of props at blue's first spawn
changed the snow texture and anything that is shown to the sky has snow
added func_precipition in most outside areas (except the water)
changed some textures still in dev textures
blue 2nd spawn finally works
changed one light in blue's 2nd spawn from blue to white
added props to all control points and behind point A's house and point B's protection wall

that's all have a good day and enjoy the map.
finally, my first map in beta, and we have
Lighting works (finally)
added textures to about everything
updated the right path to point c with glasses of water in the tubes

that's it if you have a problem or I missed something please put it in the discussion of this map

(Warning some areas of snow have glitched lighting)


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hey an update there's a lot of changes
the left side has been changed
added heath and ammo packs
added resupply cabinets
added second blue spawn
added extra block doors
changed some stuff to func_deatil
Nefted the roofs of the house of the first point

That's all for now if I missed something please tell me in the comments


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