cp_icecap B3 fix

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cp_icecap B3 fix

winter based map

Red team is trying to ruin smissmas and Blu team needs to stop red before the festive weapons are blown up and smissmas is ruined for all for the hooves and friendlys.
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Attack/Defense CP

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  1. cp_icecap B3 fix

    this is just a quick fix for B3
  2. cp_icecap B3

    There are just some textures but... changelog: added props to red spawn and changed it a bit. added a flank behind point C removed some props on point B for being to op in my eyes for engineers and heavys and thanks all that I know of and if you...
  3. cp_icecap B2

    things that are added: changelog: lots of props at blue's first spawn changed the snow texture and anything that is shown to the sky has snow added func_precipition in most outside areas (except the water) changed some textures still in dev...