cp_grad PA3

Pre-Alpha Layout of a Stalingrad Inspired Frontline 5cp

  1. SBMous
    Hi again, it's me.

    So, after my last upload of cp_grad, not much feedback. However, I accept the blame for that as I did not provide basic screenshots, sorry ;).

    Anyways, here's update 2.

    I've added more in the way of interiors(Lights, Pathways, doors Etc.), flanks are now really implemented and most of the buildings are pretty much done. I expect the next update to be the final Pre-Alpha or the first Alpha release. The map is a bit confined in places but I think that could lead to some interesting gameplay based upon more routes rather than more space.

    And now for the much awaited, screenshots :)

    Note: I am only developing this map as red half for the moment and I'm just rotating and changing variables/textures to suit for these so if anything is broken on only blue side, you know what happened.

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