cp_firedrum a3

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Compilepal V26 screwed up a2. So now I compiled it in Compilepal V27.

Overview of changes

  • Changed the name to cp_firedrum. (Because of the firedrums I've added).
  • Hopefully fixed some spawn room shenanigans.
  • Lowered Blue's respawn time across the board.

Map-wide changes

  • Added oil drums with fire in them around the map. Should help a bit with lighting. And they're neat too.
Specific changes

Around A

  • Added a medium healthkit onto the boat.
  • Added a sign above the point.
Around B
  • Added a medium ammopack under the bridge.
  • Added a medium ammopack in the exit that's horizontal to the tracks.
  • Added two signs near the point.

Forgot to give it a version string.