cp_facility V3

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cp_facility V3

cp_facility is a simple symetrical cp map based in a factory

This is my first map, Im aware people probably get annoyed hearing that but oh well its the truth. The map, for now is very basic and simple, its a 3 capture points map similar in function to the likes of cp_badlands.

The v2 is there as ive had a few friends play on the map already so I could have at the least a playable map. I did not upload the previous version.

My idea for the map was a factory that both RED and BLUE were fighting for control over, I have yet to give some fantastic backstory to it.

Regardless I hope people enjoy it as that was the main goal in mind when making the map, feedback is always welcomed but do be specific as I am not a mind reader! (and to the mods and admins here, if there is something I need to change here, just say so)
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  1. Version 3

    Going to keep this simple since I dont know how to word this properly, but: - Added pipes in mid for getting from the battlements to the central towers for non mobility classes - Added Pipes in the Base control points high ground - Added a...