cp_facility a1

Red and Blu fight in a 3CP map.

  1. Retarded Mouse
    Welcome to cp_facility! What facility? Who knows, this is too early for details!

    This is my second map, I decided to get back into mapping after the horrible claustrophobic failure that was koth_townie. This might be a slightly less claustrophobic failure, but playtesting will see to that.

    This is a 3CP map, I decided to go for 3CP considering Powerhouse is my favorite official map.

    Anyways have fun, and please keep in mind I am not a seasoned mapper!

    Blu Base
    (if anyone knows how to fix the ugly missing texture control points it'd be appreciated)
    Blu Spawn
    Blu mid battlement[​IMG]
    In between mid and blu base[​IMG]
    Blu view from middle[​IMG]
    Blu hut
    Blu bridge to middle
    (Try to) Have fun!