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Double digits! What does it mean?!

* Fixed ammopacks on RED last being the wrong size.
- Removed tower on mid building.
- Removed clips over outcropping part of the building on last-to-2nd-connector.
* Fixed lighting bugs on roof lips.
+ Made control point signs on mid solid to aid players in jumping to the upper floor.
+ Changed the team buildings at lower mid to have a pathway leading up to the platform on them through them.
- Removed ramps leading up to those platforms.
Changelog for Alpha 9:
* Raised the height level of last.
* Changed the bridge from the rocks near mid to be part of the rock.
* Changed several large ammo packs to medium or small ammopacks.
* Tweaked respawn time bonus on capping points.
* Made it so you can re-enter respawn rooms on second.
+ Added resupply lockers in the respawn rooms at 2nd.
* Closed off the sheds near mid and moved the ammo and health to the nearby buildings.
+ Made the aforementioned healthkit to a medium one.
* Moved entrance to 2nd-to-lower-mid connector closer to the home base to make it more noticable.
- Removed healthkits on mid.
+ Added a hole between the first and second floor on the mid building.
+ Added ammo on the second floor of the mid building.
- Removed barrels that allow you to jump up to upper mid.
+ Re-added barrels that allow you to jump up to upper mid.
+ Added ramps from lower mid to upper mid.
+ Added fences in lower mid to block sightlines.
+ Added soundscapes.
+ Added a full ammopack and medium healthkit on last to help defenders defend.
* Fixed malplaced clip brush.
* Changed healthkits around mid to small.
+ Added a building on mid.
+ Added panels in the lower-mid-to-second connection to prevent sightlines.
* Made ramps near last less steep.
* Replaced detail fence on red side near mid with a solid wall.
- Removed bridge. (Rest in peace, bridge. You will be missed.)
* Placed mid on a raised hill.
+ Added arrows to guide the player towards mid.
* Tweaked respawn times.
+ Added clips to the roofs of the buidlings between second and last.
- Removed shutter doors on last.
+ Added fences to prevent a huge sightline created by the previous change.
- Removed rocks at last to make more space. (Rest in memes, props_mining/rock005.mdl You will not be missed.)
* Moved the last control points forward a bit so they are in the center of the arena they are in.
+ Made second more spacious.
+ Made several buildings and parts into func_instances. (This doesn't affect the compiled map, but it allows me to make future changes easier)
* Changed environmental settings.
- Removed HDR (it was just too bright on YOUR monitor *walks away angrily*).
+ Cubemaps

* Moved the mid-point below the bridge.
* Widened the bridge.
+ Added healthkit on bridge.
- Removed mid-spire.
- Removed large healthkits
* Moved the final capture points further from spawn.
- Removed several healthkits
* Changed capture time and last from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
+ Widened mid
cp_drorange_a40000.jpg cp_drorange_a40001.jpg cp_drorange_a40002.jpg cp_drorange_a40003.jpg cp_drorange_a40004.jpg

* Changed mid-to-last connector.
+ Added medium health kits to lower mid.
* Changed small ammopack in lower mid to medium ammo packs.
+ Added oil drums to the mid-to-second connector.
* Changed the exits to second in the spawnroom connector to have a single large exit instead of two smaller ones.
+ Added a flank route between spawnroom connector and lower second.
* Shortened capture time on last.


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* Fixed visible nodraws.

* Changed some textures to be easier on the eyes.
- Removed a fence on second.
+ Added clips on the fences at second.
- Removed clips on the rocks outside spawn (it's nobuilded to prevent exploitation).
+ Clipped and nobuilded the windows of the mid bridges.
* Completely re-did the connectors between mid-last.
+ Added no-entry overlays to one-way spawn doors.
+ Added doors in the walls to last.
* Widened several connectors.



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