cp_desertdisaster a10

First stage of a 3 stage A/D map I am working on

  1. Valkyrie
    Nothing too fancy right now to be honest. Name is a place holder.
    Added a window to blue spawn and cubemaps.
    Changed firsts cap timer to be quicker.
    Changed lasts cap timer to be slower.
    Fixed reds respawn room visualizer.
    Red spawn has been moved back.
    Added extra buildings around last.
    More health and ammo at last.
    Moved forward spawn
    Added a new high route for attacks on last point
    Moved blu forward spaw back... again
    Slight clipping tweaks
    Added a second hidden frog
    Changed the area between first and last to be more fun and less flat
    Finally fixed the re-spawn visualizers on blue spawn
    Added a second area out on the drop down on first
    Added some small lamp posts around to light up areas better
    Added some small detail work
    No build is now working on the bridge
    Reworked skybox to not suck
    Changed lighting again!
    Changed blue forward spawn to take longer
    Changed the window near first point to know be a drop down
    No more paper thin cliff
    Added a hidden frog
    Fixed forward spawn to actually work
    Added lighting to forward spawn
    Slight geometry tweaks
    Added forward spawn point for blue
    Changed cap timer for last (Shorter)
    Slight clipping tweaks
    Fixed almost everything
    New env light (now with less piss)
    Added func respawn rooms and blockers
    Stopped you being able to leave the map
    Removed Max Ammo under bridge and moved max health to the centre
    Screenshots coming soon!
    At what point does this count as too many lines?
    Map was released