cp_dawn a3

An unfinished, unpolished attack defense map. (And now abanadoned.)

  1. Hooooo boy!! Another MAJOR map rework!

    Uncle Gandhi
    Welp, here come another MAJOR update to the map!! This time the oldest parts of the first control point that have been in the map since I created it have been TOTALLY REWORKED!!! I'll try to jot out patch notes but it's gonna be missing a lot, I made huge changes!! Here are some screenshots too.

    Update log:
    -This update has been heavily focused on reducing the insane vertical scaling on Dawn to make for a more fun, less drawn-out and stringy combat...

    Uncle Gandhi
    Most of the map has been hugely overhauled. 20180806120338_1.jpg

    -Added brand new BLU initial spawn.
    -Replaced area with fence and shipping container outside initial Red spawn with a new building.
    -Replaced fence outside point C with a new building.
    -Added a trapdoor to the building between point A and B.
    -Added a skylight above that trapdoor with a ladder to climb out to a small area, with coverage of point B. Gives BLU a more dynamic way to attack point B,...