cp_dawn a3

An unfinished, unpolished attack defense map. (And now abanadoned.)


    Uncle Gandhi
    Most of the map has been hugely overhauled. 20180806120338_1.jpg

    -Added brand new BLU initial spawn.
    -Replaced area with fence and shipping container outside initial Red spawn with a new building.
    -Replaced fence outside point C with a new building.
    -Added a trapdoor to the building between point A and B.
    -Added a skylight above that trapdoor with a ladder to climb out to a small area, with coverage of point B. Gives BLU a more dynamic way to attack point B, but most likely needs further readjusting.
    -Added lots of clipping.
    -Changed heights of some choke points and doorways to be more reasonable.
    -Added tons of lighting, and changed the environment lighting.
    -Changed the skybox to better fit the early morning alpine theme.
    -Fixed point B not turning blue upon being captured.
    -Lots of other miscellaneous fixes

    Hopefully you will enjoy this humongous update!! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!
    20180806120319_1.jpg 20180806120333_1.jpg
    20180806120351_1.jpg 20180806120400_1.jpg 20180806120408_1.jpg 20180806120415_1.jpg 20180806120428_1.jpg 20180806120444_1.jpg
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