cp_dawn a3

An unfinished, unpolished attack defense map. (And now abanadoned.)

  1. Uncle Gandhi
    --->This map will no longer be worked on.<---

    Dawn is an attack/defense map featuring some lovely orange sunrise lighting. My goal in designing this map is to make an attack defense map that forces the defense to play dynamically instead of just turtling in one spot, and force the offense to earn each capture point by outsmarting the defense with tricky flank routes and fun tactics.
    At the moment, I am attempting to get it ironed out to be more and more playable by testers. It is currently playable but may have low FPS because the optimization is incomplete. I will continue to update it, and be prepared to see drastic changes made.
    Workshop version will be more consistently updated, but I will do my best to keep it posted here!!


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