cp_confined A2

Very small scale 2CP A/D map

  1. A2 - Last and Lobby redone


    • Axed everything from lobby to RED spawn, allowing me to re-invent how last played out
    • Raised the first capture point to allow reds to be more protected against spam on the point
    • Decreased the respawn wave time for RED after BLU has capped first, allowing reds to have more footing on last.
    • Added the missing visulizer at BLU spawn.
    • Changed the clipping on railings to allow rockets to pass through
    • Removed the truck between Tower and 1st point for the time being to see its effect on red setups
    New map changes
    Last and Lobby have been completely remade in order to improve gameplay and to reduce the chances of BLU being able to role directly in and win the game.

    • Red now has 3 different exits from last, allowing for them to take more control of Lobby
    • Last is now on-top of a 128 unit high surface with 2 slopes either side allowing all classes to access the point.
    • Lobby has been stretched out to accommodate the new last layout
    Things for next version
    • Clear markings of the capture area for both points, right now the platforms show the main surface area that can be capped but had no time to really add since I was focusing on rebuilding the entire of lobby and last.
    • Improved lighting - Currently in upper lobby and 1st shelter the normal yellow lighting I use as a place holder makes the walls hold a sickly green shade, by next release I will replace them with a more appealing light value to suit the area.


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