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Halloween variant cp_steel

  1. Scampi
    Of the two brothers, Redmond Mann always had a particular fondness for extravagant manors and mansions. So much so that he could hardly settle for just one. One such manor became a new front in the mercenary war when a nearby mine was revealed to be a BLU corpse disposal site. Many years have passed, and the decaying chateau has become haunted with the many spirits of those who died on, around, and under the property.

    This is my first map, a Halloween-ified version of my favorite map, cp_steel. Although it's technically a reskin, I've tried to make it original and interesting, without saturating it with gimmicks. At its current state it's pretty much done, except for fixes and testing. Oh, and a special end-of-round even involving both teams having a truce and fighting skeletons for a minute. I'll add that later.

    Am I allowed to call it cp_chateau_event? I would really like to name it that, but I understand if this is not an option.

    My hope is to get this thing to as refined a state as possible before I throw it up on the workshop. The short term goal is to lure a community server or two into running it soon, and the (maybe very) long term goal is to (hopefully) get it into the game. Was this the best beginner project? Probably not. This is my first run at doing anything like this. Either way... I am open to any and all suggestions and criticism for making this map the best it can be. Happy Halloween!


    1. ChateauPointA.jpg
    2. ChateauPointB.jpg
    3. ChateauPointC.jpg
    4. ChateauPointD.jpg
    5. ChateauPointE.jpg
    6. ChateauREDSpawnA.jpg
    7. ChateauREDSpawnB.jpg
    8. ChateauBLUSpawn.jpg
    9. ChateauDeathpit.jpg
    10. ChateauBLUFacade.jpg
    11. ChateauCave.jpg
    12. ChateauFlooded.jpg
    13. ChateauAEConnector.jpg
    14. ChateauRoadway.jpg
    15. ChateauBCConnectorB.jpg
    16. ChateauCDConnector.jpg
    17. ChateauBLUFacadeB.jpg
    18. ChateauADConnector.jpg
    19. ChateauBasement.jpg
    20. ChateauBCConnector.jpg
    21. ChateauScenery.jpg

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