cp_canyonpass v6

first published map set over a large canyon

  1. prop proposal

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    added props to make it look slightly better. notably mid has a bunch of new props, and landmarks have been added.

    Be wary of the overly visible rockets though.
  2. Imp feedback

    [Tryhards] YannYann123

    -added a little building besides the forwardcaps, to give a possible flank route to both teams

    -moved the midcap building to be a part of the path rather than it being off to the side

    -added a few props to midcap

    -removed 2 crates from the forwardcaps, because why not?

    -made it clearer that yes, the slightly higher outcrops are supposed to be accessible (and thanks to the little building no longer just for explosive classes)

    -moved the health and ammo close to the...
  3. name change

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    no change besides the name to try and fix imp testing
  4. upper forwards

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    ended up putting the forwards on top of the platform anyways, since it wasn't of much use otherwise. Also added a 2nd way up to the cap and fixed a few sews.
  5. forwards

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    redesigned the forward caps and added a few extra props, but i'm deciding wether or not to place the forward points on the platform or elsewhere.
  6. tiny fix

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    found a small misaligned dispalcement along blu and fixed it
  7. more displacements

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    as the title suggests, more displacements have been added, leaving only the cliff walls. furthermore, control point cap values have been adjusted and a few changes to the forward and final points have been made.
  8. intermediary

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    quick update mostly to get feedback on the final points redesign

    -redesigned the final points
    -started work on displacements

    -finishing displacements
    -point capture rates (especially final caps)
  9. a logical update

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    based off of feedback from the recent imp:

    -tweaked respawn times and point capture rates
    -moved the rocks in front of the forward points (and thus the chokepoints they create) to be in front of the point rather than behind to make it easier for the original owners to defend
    -added rocks in front of the midpoint to mitigate a few nasty sightlines
    -added signs to help players towards the points with the admittedly confusing forward spawn placements (may move them in the future if they...
  10. packed props

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    packed in the missing props i assumed were vanilla