cp_canyonpass v5

first published map set over a large canyon

  1. a logical update

    [Tryhards] YannYann123
    based off of feedback from the recent imp:

    -tweaked respawn times and point capture rates
    -moved the rocks in front of the forward points (and thus the chokepoints they create) to be in front of the point rather than behind to make it easier for the original owners to defend
    -added rocks in front of the midpoint to mitigate a few nasty sightlines
    -added signs to help players towards the points with the admittedly confusing forward spawn placements (may move them in the future if they continue being problematic)
    -added a few more health and ammo packs (most likely more to come)
    -added stairs and a protective fence on the cliff next to the bridge
    -removed the jump platforms surounding the midpoint
    -last but not least, although having royally screwed up with the props on the bridge despite thinking i packed them with the map, i did away with them and replaced them with vanilla props to remove all the errors (may or may not be a permanent solution)
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