CP_Bunker A5

A hydro-themed 5CP map

  1. DrSquishy
    Journey into the world of bunker, a full 5 feet beneath the surface!(Now an obsolete description as the map has been remade, but I still like the name:p)

    CP_bunker is a map I've decided to create because I like the concept a lot, and I feel like I can go quite a way with it. As new areas get added, I hope to get feedback and such about the layout, design and suggestions for improvement, as well as constructive criticism. Thank you, in advance, to whoever checks this out
    Being worked on by me with help from this guy--> http://steamcommunity.com/id/SeRealPootisBurd

    cp_bunker_side1.jpg cp_bunker_overview1.jpg cp_bunker_transition1.jpg cp_bunker_second1.jpg cp_bunker_last1.jpg cp_bunker_mid1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Health Kits
  2. Blu Side
  3. The Canyon