cp_basetop a10b

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cp_basetop a10b

2 bases in a mountain.

cp_basetop. A 5cp map that takes place on a mountain with 2 bases in it. It took 1 and a half month to create. This is my first map.
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Latest updates

  1. Scale update

    UPDATE LOG 13: The update everyone was waiting for, the map being re-scaled! - Re-scaled map (obvious) - Reduced flank hallways by half (feedback said they were long and op for snipers) - increased capture zone areas near spawns - added signs to...
  2. play-testing changes part 1

    UPDATE LOG 12: State tests slowed updates this week so i'm running a small patch to some feedback from the play-test weeks ago. - Removed fan props, because someone said they were dumb :(. - Replaced entire blu's base with red's base layout...
  3. mistakes are made

    UPDATE LOG 11: oops, capitals were in the files of the map, removing them with some extra stuff (this version will go into play-testing) - Removing capitals (already knew that but okay) - Adding/removing props and brushes to help with sniper...