cp_BackAlley 0.13

Urban 5CapturePoints

  1. Le_Beholder[DG]
    A five control point map in the alleyways of two factories, just 3 blocks down from MannHatten.

    v.0.12 includes:
    • limited detail props
    • working spawn doors
    • team barriers at spawn room
    • more artfully/strategically-placed props
    • more health kits
    • shifted 1st capturepoints buy 90 degrees
    upcoming features: map textures and more details.

    notes from the dev:
    Hello, and thank you for your interest in this, my first map i'm fully developing! as you will see, I have some number of features underway still; spawn doors, more props, and urban-looking textures.
    For now, I wish to test out the overall layout of the map and its playability, functionality, stalemate-assessment, etc, before I get too involved with the details.
    (Being the artist I am, I tend to get too detailed before considering the broader strokes sometimes...)
    Please comment down below on what you think this map needs, and it might be included in future versions! and naturally I want you all to very carefully..... EXPLOIT THE HELL OUT OF THIS MAP!!1 >:D

    now for some screenies:



Recent Updates

  1. minor fix
  2. moar stuffs!