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  • Reworked the first point a little to possibly give RED a little more of an edge.
  • More lights!
  • New flooded vent-ish flank route to last.
  • A new glass bridge.
  • Reworked some health & ammo pickups
  • Blocked off the window from the right-hand side on last from RED's site to prevent RED from easily accessing that area
  • Reworked the little cubby to make two entrance points and added a little window
Hopefully this plays better!
Well, I uploaded a VMF instead of a BSP. Sorry about that.
Should be fixed now.
University's been kicking my ass, but I got myself some help.
My friend @lucky has been an IMMENSE help with completely revamping the area before the first portal.
No guarantee that I'll be able to push more updates in the near future, but the map's not abandoned and I will continue working on it whenever I got some time!

Biggest Changes:

  • COMPLETELY revamped area before the first point. Now featuring a bigger outside portion, a building between the point and the spawn, a death pit, a brand-new BLU spawn and more!
  • Added some areaportals!
  • Removed some old, inaccessible flank routes!
  • Changed the skybox a little!
  • General optimizations!


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-Fixed the brushes of the right-hand stairs to Control Point B.
-Fixed the displacements in front of Control Point A to be flush.
-Completely reworked lighting on the map. While it's still far from perfect (and looks somewhat fullbright on some parts), it doesn't look like paint splooges anymore.
-Respawn times are drastically shortened.
-Capping A now gives 2 1/2 minutes of extra time.
-Lengthened the area between BLU spawn and A.
-Reworked Control Point B. Catwalk no longer goes up. Right-hand side from attacking view is now on ground level. RED respawns are now both on the same side.
-Added large Hydro arrows that point the player into the direction they should go.
-Sealed off some rarely-used flank routes to test what would improve gameplay flow.
-Removed the wooden control point signs and replaced them with decals that are more in-theme.
-Altered skyboxes drastically to not feature a "diaper skybox". Will probably add more displacements in the future to make it more immersive.
Uploaded the wrong file. Sorry about that.
-Made the first control point's capture area the entire room instead of just one square.
-Added a displacement over the other RED spawn to make sticky spawncamping harder.

Will fix lighting somewhat in version A4.
-Completely reworked the indoor area, new glass parts and arches. Hopefully it will impact performance positively.
-Replaced 99% of gray dev textures with white ones for better visibility.
-Added an experimental sentry spot for the first point.
-Made the catwalk around last transparent.
-Remade the round parts on first.
-Added hazard stripes around all the control points and made all capture areas larger.
-Added a new room after the first point for easier access to the upper area.


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-Completely reworked Control Point A. Hopefully it is easier for BLU to cap now.
-Completely reworked BLU Spawn.
-Figured out how to use overlays. They actually show up now and are much easier done than how I thought I had to do them before.
-Fixed loads of visibility bugs.
-Edited some of the stairs to be 32x16hu in size rather than 16x16hu.
-Fixed setup doors.