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72hr cp_Anaconda v1.11

A map with no straight route to the point!

cp_anaconda0002.jpg Based on the classic military operation from probably George Washington, cp_anaconda is a FRONTLINE! map in which you approach the cap points from the sides, rather than head-on. I spent about 50-ish hours on it up until releasing it, and the stress I have gone through for it was probably too much. I'm gonna go fall asleep/gouge my eyes out with a tiny toy spatula.

Uses assets from the FRONTLINE! Supply Drop.
Cool Dakota
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. The Resubmission and some trees Update!

    -Resubmitted the post due to a download issue -Added some trees to Blu's spawn area
  2. Temporary fix for the timer

    Timers won't add time on-cap, so the time will be extended until I get that working.
  3. The FUNCTIONAL version!

    Now it works!