cp_alpineline a6

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The following things are untouched :
  • All blu spawns
  • A
  • B
  • Red's forward spawn
Here are the changes and some explainations of new things
  • Changed the textures of the building after Blu's spawn to help navigation in the map
  • Shorten the walk time from A to B by removing a part of the building next to A
  • Made the house stuck in the cliff gives you higher height advantage
  • Created an open area by removing the cliff in which you could get into
    • Added a building in said area
  • Added more rooms to C
  • Made two side areas in C that both have height advantage and are easy to access for Blu
    • One side is a building that has windows to shoot from, with a drop down flank
    • The other side is more exposed and a death pit is near it, creating a rick and a reward for those who try to go in the area
  • Changed the bridge to be the one from Gorge
  • Rotated the bridge 90 degrees from blu's point of view
  • Changed how Red gets to the point
To Do list for a7 :
  • Make A better with a simple change (i already know how to do it)
  • Improve B's Attack options for Blu
  • Fix anything that is wrong with this update
  • Change those god damn radios if i have time, this music is so annoying to listen everytime i compile the map please helps
  • Reworked almost everything
  • Removed the jump pad
  • Added a tonemap controller
  • Made so you don't die in red's first spawn when A is capped, players will remain in, and can get out, but won't be able to get in again, when B is capped, remaining players will get teleported to the second spawn.
I hate criticism, mostly when it's "it's dustbowl in purgatory", i feel like it's not a good way to say things, but i'm a baby so who knows.
  • Make the jump pads smaller
  • Re-made the building to B by removing the train and making the building more interesting in height variation
  • Simplified routes to B
  • Made that the C lower ground route became slightly higher then standard height.
  • Simplyfied Flank to C
  • Made the main way to C a small cliff drop down that is easy to back up
  • Changed a medium health pack to C to a small health pack
From nothing, i re-did everything.
The older version was so bad, it played bad, felt bad, everything was wrong, now it feels less wrong i guess. I tried to do original stuff, i hope it works.
Also now the name is different, from "pineline" to alpinline, so you guys will stop freacking saying pipeline is already in the game.
I don't care about mapping that much anymore, i probably will not work on this anymore, maybe, I want to move on, this map was made as an overhaul of an already overhauled bad map.
So the map got tested, and it kinda works.
So flaws were pointed out, and so this version fixes some of them.
Change log :
  • Made so BLU don't change spawn when A is capped.
  • Added a prop sign that tells that the death pit is a thing
  • Replaced tree near A with a filler prop
  • Change the train building entrance at the right from A.
  • Slightly moved the main exit of the train builing leading to B
  • Made so you can no longer hypothetically survive a death pit
  • Changed a prop's rotation
  • Added player clips at a prop
  • Changed a medium health pack to a small health pack near C
  • Slightly reduced the time needed to cap C
I plan on changing the way from A to B and B completely, while changing a bit the layout.
Update 2_0
New iteration string : 2_0
Changes :
  • Drastically changed the size of the playable area. Displacements are now used with an alpine theme. The height of the skybox have been in increased, playerclips were adjusted alonside this change.
  • Opened many areas.
  • Heavily changed Blu first spawn
  • Heavily changed the First point
  • Heavily changed a flank for the third point
  • Changed a few things in the third point
  • Added a new way out of Red las point
  • Made so Red actually don't keep spawning in their first spawn after the first point is capped.
The file name had no version strings. I forgot it when uploading the file. My bad.