cp_alpineline a6

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cp_alpineline a6

A map with 3 points

This map is a basic 3 points attack/defend map. It features :
-3 points
-Forward spawns
-2 radios with "City Trial" from Kirby Airride playing in loops.
This map will be tested and updated to be balenced, changed and/or reworked.
It isn't perfect at all.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. C Rework and other changes

    The following things are untouched : All blu spawns A B Red's forward spawn Here are the changes and some explainations of new things Changed the textures of the building after Blu's spawn to help navigation in the map Shorten the walk time...
  2. Rework

    Reworked almost everything Removed the jump pad Added a tonemap controller Made so you don't die in red's first spawn when A is capped, players will remain in, and can get out, but won't be able to get in again, when B is capped, remaining...
  3. Update Alpha 4

    Make the jump pads smaller Re-made the building to B by removing the train and making the building more interesting in height variation Simplified routes to B Made that the C lower ground route became slightly higher then standard height...