CP Waterflow A4

A casual and experimental 5CP Map

  1. Alpha 4 Update

    Just some minor fixes in layout and spawns. A5 will make second bigger and add an area between mid and second.
  2. Alpha 3 Update

    Just some small changes. Mid is bigger and added things to reduce snowballing.
  3. Alpha 2 Update

    Changes of the Alpha 2 Update:
    • Bridges at Mid longer and added railings
    • Trenches at Mid wider
    • Basement at Mid has doors removed, more space now and its pick-ups have been downgraded from full to medium
    • Signs for Hazardous Water Section added and made green light more noticeable
    • Forward Spawn at second now at Highground
    • The first floor at the Section between Second and Last has more space
    • Most Ramps are wider now