CP Flood a2

An ex water treatment plant map

  1. TheFluffycart
    Originally a water treatment plant, (Map name here) was brought down to the minor title of a battlefield. This map is still VERY early in development, and as such, still has a lot of work needed to be done.

    Updates to come:
    -Add health kits, ammo, and limit sentry camping points with nobuild: :engienope:
    -Extend the map, and add another spawn room near mid: :engienope:
    -Create a custom skybox, and texture the map: :engienope:
    -Playtest, then make changes as needed : :engienope:


    1. cp_flood_a20004.jpg
    2. cp_flood_a20003.jpg
    3. cp_flood_a20002.jpg
    4. cp_flood_a20001.jpg