cos_mansion a4_fix1

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Fixed the map so that it doesn't crash on load.
Significantly changed the flag room and spawn:
The spawnroom now has two exits: one leads to the mid and another leads to the flag room.
because there is no direct connection from spawn to the back flank, there is now a route that lets you access the back flank from the inside of the mansion.
The high ground from the back flank to the flag room is now more protected.
The health pack at the backflank is now a full healthpack.
The flag room is now lower than the ground level.
The flag room is now larger to accompany the spawn exit.
The flag room now has a hole in the middle of it.
The exit for flag room is now larger.
The flag room is now connected to a transitional building.
Rare spells at the backflank are now common spells.
Removed a spell from each side around the mid.
Two hedges in the mid have been removed. Should now provide a go-to-sightline for snipers.
aesthetics and gameplay improvement

The fountain now spawns team specific colored cores instead of all red cores
added skeleton event
reduced the number of epic spells
reduced the capture time
reduced the goal to 150 from 200
reduced the amount of magic spawned by the fountain
Added Nav mesh for proper skeleton movements