Coruba B2

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I have attempted to fix 2 issues that I have with my map, Flow and Optimization with changes to an area next to the point to feel less cluttered and sectioning off the map I feel I may have achieved my goal, anyways here is the changelog

  • Detailed lobby areas leading to the point
  • Detailed spawn area
  • Sectioned the map into 3 areas
  • added Area Portals
  • Re Built large building by the point
  • Added new fences on the battlements
  • New Sky box texture
  • New Map Lighting
Sky box texture by fubarFX ||Download||
Coruba has finally hit beta!
Thats right I feel comfortable enough to push this map into beta, however I have only detailed sections of the map that doesn't need to be changed, there are still parts that will need updating but as that changes I will be slowly moving with an art pass

Anyways here is the change log:
  • Removed Pipe towards mid point
  • added a platform in the lobbies
  • added healthkits
  • Detailed spawns
  • Detailed control point
  • Detailed 3-room-shack
Okay so I changed a lot of things in this map that I hope you guys will like

  • Removed horizontal pipes
  • raised pipes towards the point
  • Capture point reduced size
  • Roof over capture point lowered
  • Rails now allow bullets through them
  • Staircase redone
  • New lobby area formed
  • new func_detail added
  • changed health packs
  • Re-worked mid so objects dont defy laws of physics
  • Optimization re-work
  • New third route from spawn
  • changed lighting throughout the map
  • added small med back far side of spawn
  • added props far side of spawn
  • lowered pipes
  • made it easier to get on the pipes
  • skybox changes
  • prop alterations


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CORUBA has changed! The skies have cleared and the sun has set, the mercs now battle it out in a night time environment with no more snow!

  • fixed clipping issues
  • removed side steps to make route more clear
  • added a hill
  • vault area has a floor now
  • changed rocks next to point
  • added signs leading towards the point
  • added fences by blue spawn
  • changed health pack next to vault
  • added buildings
  • added gates
  • intense lighting changes
  • removed snow particles
  • changed ramps in buildings
  • made the truck accessible
  • optimization
  • probably more that I cant remember


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  • Made buildings more visually apprealing
  • added new entrance to south building
  • overlays
  • out of map detailing
  • spawn windows