Coruba B2

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Coruba B2

King of the Hill map set in the snowy reaches of New Mexico


Yes this is the secret facility in New Mexico of the Coruba Rum export and in its secrecy it contains a very limited export Mann Co. Rum! Bottles of this stuff sell for millions! so the mercs are battling it out for the owner ship of the rum!

Here is what my map offers:
  • Interesting map layout
  • intense height variation
  • A point!
  • snow!
  • A moon!
This is my first map so help me improve c:
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. This Beta be a good update!

    I have attempted to fix 2 issues that I have with my map, Flow and Optimization with changes to an area next to the point to feel less cluttered and sectioning off the map I feel I may have achieved my goal, anyways here is the changelog CHANGE...
  2. It's Bigger, It's Better, It's Beta!

    Coruba has finally hit beta! Thats right I feel comfortable enough to push this map into beta, however I have only detailed sections of the map that doesn't need to be changed, there are still parts that will need updating but as that changes I...
  3. The big, The bad, And the Removals

    Okay so I changed a lot of things in this map that I hope you guys will like Removed horizontal pipes raised pipes towards the point Capture point reduced size Roof over capture point lowered Rails now allow bullets through them Staircase...