Multi Stage Copperhead b2e

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learned about bsp_repack. this version should finally be working
im an old man

i forgot to pak custom content
Compilepal's "publish" option doesn't have LDR lighting on by default. I recompiled it to fix that
Fixed red being able to get into blue spawn on stage 3
Fixed a very bad player clip
More trees
Added more walls to the cliff of 1-2
Redid 2-2 to make it less cramped
Gave blu a raised exit on 2-1 to help losing teams
Redid 3-1 to make it less ugly
Added a small extra path on 3-1 to make it less like dustbowl and less chokey
Tried to make the map's theme more homogeneous, most notably 2-2
Improved clipping and fixed displacement seams