coopmap a6

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-Adjusted the path under middle point
-Adjusted the defenders flank from second to middle
-Adjusted the attackers highground on second to be less strong
-Added more ammo pickups
-Added a small ramp to final point
-Added more arrows to guide players to middle
-Changed the respawn times, hopefully they work and should be more balanced
-Revamped final point
-Revamped main spawn
-Added more cover near middle point
-Added more arrows/guidance
-Added a few smaller things
-Hopefully made routes less confusing
-Hopefully made the map less snowball-y
-Revamped all control points
-Added better team recognition
-Less square map
-More height differences and true highgrounds
-More (easily findable) pickups
-Better main spawn exit
-adjusted final point
-revamped mid point
-reduced overall brightness