Conifer rc2

2cp a/d yukon-themed map.

  1. Update to version a14

    • Rebuilt part of A-B connector.
    • Added a fence on A to block a sightline.
    • Removed fence from the courtyard between A-B connector building and B building.
    • Added an open boxcar sitting right on top of the reailroad crossing
    • Removed flipped dumptruck cover from side entrance to B.
    • Added an elevated area next to C pit.
    • Fixed one of sniper windows at A being obstructed by model collisions.
    • Fixed being able to climb on top of rocks in the area next to B with non-jumper classes.
    • Changed one of the ammopacks in underground C area to a large one.
    • Changed RED final spawn so that upon exiting the spawn players can clearly see all 3 paths to C.
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