Congo a4

By ForbiddenDonut

  1. ForbiddenDonut

    A jungle-themed Special Delivery map!

    Sean 'Heyo' Cutino for his 'jungle' assets from Borneo.
    Dr. Spud for his 'Vineyard' assets.
    Fubar for his WaterFX pack.
    Psy for his altered rain/snow particles pack.


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Recent Reviews

  1. tyler
    Version: a4
    This is the standard by which SD maps should be measured. No other way to phrase it.
  2. Turbo Lover
    Turbo Lover
    Version: a4
    A high quality SD map.

    While this map's layout does little to differentiate itself from Doomsday, it adds a lot of polish to same basic framework.

    It's a shame that the detailed version of this map has yet to be publicly released.