Medieval Confusion a1

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Medieval Confusion a1

A 2CP, Frontline! themed, medieval map.

Confusion is a 2cp attack-defend map with Medieval Mode enabled.


The year is 1945, the end of the war is in sight. Suddenly, Germany whips out a full deck of Royal Flushes it had up its sleeve, and sends battalion after battalion of more firepower than anyone thought they had. What's worse, though, is that they pushed the war to US soil, conquering the East Coast, demolishing every city in their wake. The president just made it out of the killzone before the damned Nazis nuked D.C.

The States are doomed if we can't get reinforcements.

...Elsewhere, in Southern Midwest America, a much more important battle is going on. RED and BLU'S drop-ships, filled to the brim with weapons of all sorts, crashed into a random hillside (each other). Without their weapons, the war reaches a near standstill. Then they remember that their melees exist, and the war is back on!


Special Thanks to:
- The Frontline! Team, for the Frontline! content pack
- @ISNEWPuddy, for their Mapping Resource Pack
- @DioJoestar, for his capture point hologram replacement
- @EArkham, for his paint can reskin
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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