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Colony A10

A fairly simple KOTH map using the Viaduct formula ~in space!~

KOTH Colony is simple map with an rd_asteroid theme. It's fairly simple layout wise, mostly based on the Viaduct formula. Alpha 1 went over pretty well so let's hope I can turn this into something good.

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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. A10 - Miscellaneous Changes

    Alpha 10: A9 seemed to be fun to play, so I've just fixed up a few things and adjusted some other things based on suggestions. Changes: - Added some windows to the back of the high ground. - Tweaked respawn times slightly - Added patch I missed
  2. A9 - Fixin' It Up

    Alpha 9: Alpha 8's drop down was... not the best idea. So that's gone. I also reworked the high ground, hopefully removing the ability for defenders to use the enemy's high-ground against them. I also changed the pickups again, hopefully I did...
  3. A8 - Spicin' It Up

    Alpha 8: While alpha 7 went well and returned some of the balance, I've begun to realize that my map doesn't have much that's unique about it. The one thing that made my map unique was that really dumb flank, which was too easily abused by the...