Multi Stage Coffintower A3

Formally Clocktower.

  1. The Second Stage Update

    Clocktower A3 focuses mostly on the second stage to make it more interesting and hopefully fun to play.

    Full Change Log: ALPHA 3
    - Added more func_details
    - Fixed some texture issues
    - Textured some visible NoDraws
    - Added more clipping

    STAGE 1
    - Rotated one of the building for a Blu sniper sight line for the first point
    - Changed layout of the library
    - Shorten the wall near the first point

    STAGE 2
    - Added a nobuild to the shipping crate
    - Changed an exit for Blu's spawn
    - Changed the route behind the white wood shack to an underground staircase
    - Change the layout of the last point (It's less bad now.)

    STAGE 3
    - Cut off some sight lines for Red
    - Added a door to the cart drop ramp that opens when the first point is capped
    - Removed some OP sentry spots
    - Fixed Red's second spawn door
    - Made the death pit look "Cooler" (Just Used A Foundry Prop)


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