Cobalt a3

A hybrid 3cp/koth map in an industrial setting.

  1. phi

    koth_cobalt is a 3CP hybrid KOTH/Push CP map that takes elements from both King of the Hill and 3CP push in order to create what I hope is a solution to KOTH's one-sidedness/spawn-campyness and 3CP's stalemateyness.

    There is a regular KOTH point in the centre of the map, with one last point on either team's side. Holding the KOTH point for 3 minutes (as like standard KOTH) counts as a win, while heading and capping the last point counts as a win also.

    The map is designed around the basic principles of both push maps and KOTH, making the layout a bit unique. It aims to solve the problems with 3CP as well as mold a new dynamic feel of gameplay into a somewhat boring gamemode, KOTH.

    As of A3 everything is tested and working, there should be no errors with the map on gameday.