Coaldust a9

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Coaldust a9

Made by Blobolob

Map attempt number two, I've shelved “pl_Launchpit” for now in favour of something simpler but I shall return to it

This is the first stage of three, the other two are just on paper but I fancied taking a map to a more polished stage, just for the practice.

Known issues so far;

Quite a few objects still need clipping planes (the many, many windows for instance)

Lighting needs refinement in most areas.

Concerns over confusing the player, the line of freight wagons are the maps southern edge, I don’t want to put a more obvious barrier there but need to make sure people figure out its a no go zone.

Couple of lines of sight that may be excessive (from the engine shed to the coal hopper filling magig)

Not yet started sculpting the ground other than the spilled coal hoppers.

The world geometry wagons that make Blu's start gates are stand-in for some I intend to build in Maya or Blender, I’m familiar with Maya but Blender looks like it’s got more support, any recommendations?
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